Trey Cook

by Lainey from Georgia

My hero is my dad. I have known him all my life. He lives on the river with my family. My dad makes me laugh all the time. He always gives me a warm smile whenever he sees me. I love to wake up and see my dad and give him a big hug, and every day I can't wait to go home and see him. I love my dad and don’t know what I would do without him.

My dad is hero to me because he does anything to make me happy. He is always nice to me, and whenever I’m sad he can always make me feel better. My dad is always there for me, and he encourages me to do things. I love it when he goes to take me to breakfast on Saturdays early in the morning. I love to be with my dad.

My dad is not like any of the gods, he doesn’t think he is better than everyone, and he doesn’t have snakes for hair or wings to fly with. He also doesn’t control the world. And whenever he’s mad he doesn’t try to hurt somebody. But I think of my dad as being a special god, one that is amazing and I will never forget you, and a god you can always count on. I will always remember my dad.

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