Trudy Daniel

by Daniel from Prarieville

My Hero is my grandma, Trudy Daniel. My Grandma was the nicest and most loving person you would ever meet. My Grandma had a job as a teacher for science in high school. All the students loved her but none as much as me. My grandma died in 2008. A few days before her having to go to the hospital for the summer because of leukemia, the cancer, there was a retirement party at the high school. The kids were crying and giving her hugs because of her leaving. After that my grandma showed us her classroom. She did some cool activities. When she left for the hospital she told me not to grow but 2 cm. over the summer. She never would know. Years before we did a lot of things together. We gardened, cooked, played. My favorite memory was Disney World though because my grandma made sure I was not harmed and I was having fun. That is why my grandma is my hero.

She touched many lives in many ways such as making people feel happy. When she teaches she was always listing to the kids and what they needed to say so she made them feel comfortable. She always had a smile on her face that lit up. She was very encouraging and welcoming to ideas. She always put you before herself so she would chose your idea on where to eat and not hers. She was fun when she let us help in the gardens. While we worked in the garden we would go to the stones and play with the rollie pollies. She would let us help make the pancakes every morning. She would let me watch TV late before bed.

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