Therapy Dogs

by Nicole from Richmond

Therapy Dog ( (Jocelyn Augustino))
Therapy Dog ( (Jocelyn Augustino))

Therapy dogs can have an amazing effect on everyone. Therapy dogs are trained to give people therapy in places such as, hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes, or just anybody with a disability. Doesn't matter what breed, whether they are big or small, just that they are well trained and have a caring heart.

There are many reasons why a therapy dog is a hero. First, they love to cheer people up! They have the ability to make someone's day a whole lot better and they do. Just by being there and being friendly, the person with a disability can feel like they have a friend and somebody that will help get them through a tough time. Second, therapy dogs have to go through all sorts of training. Many of them have to pass tests that prove they are friendly and calm. Some dogs need more training than others but they are all certainly helpful and amazing at the end. Life would be a lot different for a lot of people if there was no such thing as a therapy dog. People with injuries might not get better as fast or not get better at all.

I chose therapy dogs because I wanted to show people that they are heroes. I found out about them and what they do and I thought they were heroes. The concept of therapy dogs can have a great influence on younger children because it teaches them to think of other people and help them. Although therapy dogs may be different in their appearance and the people they help, all of them may be described as a hero.

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