Thomas A. Edison

by Cole from Hillsborough

Thomas Edison is my hero. Mr. Edison was a great inventor. His inventions had a large effect on the world. Also, while he was making the light bulb he discovered something known as the “Edison Effect”. He was a science genius.

Thomas Edison was a great inventor. He created over 1000 inventions in his life (Encarta, W). Edison had his talent from a young age even though he only spent three months in a traditional school. (, W). This is especially amazing since he had a hearing problem (Sahlman, W). Edison got his first patent for an improved stock ticker (a device that monitors stocks) at age 21 (Encarta, W). Thomas Edison’s inventions have made life better and easier for everyone.

Thomas Edison had a very large effect on the world. Thomas Edison changed the leisure habits of all people of the world (Encarta, W). He improved the phone so that it could reliably carry sound for miles (Encarta, W). His inventions brought forth industries like record companies and Hollywood. He made life fun for the people of earth.

While Edison was making the light bulb he discovered that carbon particles dull the bulb (Encarta, W). This is known as the “Edison Effect” (Encarta, W). Everything in the modern world is made from this discovery. In 1884 he made his first patent that utilizes the “Edison Effect” (Encarta, W). Without Thomas Edison we would have no T.V..

Thomas Edison is my hero because he was a great person. His inventions helped every one on the earth. He connected the world when he made a new phone. He was a great inventor and son. We would still be in the dark age without Thomas Edison.

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