Thomas Alva Edison

by Rachel from Innisifil

My hero is Thomas Alva Edison.He was born on February 11th 1847 in Milan, Ohio. He had seven siblings, and grew up in Huron, Michigan. Tom went to a noisy one-room classroom with 38 students. He had the brains like a scientist.

Thomas was famous for inventing the light bulb. He thought about a 50 year old idea in 1879 using lower current electricity, a small carbinied filament and an improved vacuum inside the globe, he was able to produce a reliable long lasting source of light. Edison invented not just an incandescent electric light but also an electric lightning system. After one and a half years of work, success was achieved when an incandescent lamp with a filament of carbonized sewing thread burned for thirteen and a half hours.

Tom was very inspired by Abraham Lincoln. Actually he was his hero. Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States of America till 1861 to 65. He was born on February 12 1809. Lincoln grew up on a newly broken pioneer farm.

Thomas Edison had a passion for Shakespeare. His favourite poetry line was Gray's Elegy, "The boast of heraldry of pomp and power, all that beauty all that wealth ere gave, alike await the inevitable hour. The path to glory leads but to the grave."

My hero demonstrates initiative. He found a way to produce electricity and invent the light bulb. He helped the United States and other countries around the world by inventing the light bulb.

Thomas Alva Edison died at 9 p.m on October 18th 1931 in New Jersey at 84 years of age.

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