Thomas Alva Edison

by Mario

Thomas Edison in his lab.
Thomas Edison in his lab.

Thomas Alva Edison is a hero because he invented electricity. Which made people able to see much better. And light up the world.

Just sitting down.
Just sitting down.

Thomas Alva Edison was born in 1847 on February 11 and died in 1931 on October 18.

Thomas Edison's mom gave Thomas Edison a science book. And he read the book for hours and then he became an inventor.

Many things that Thomas Edison built worked but some things did not go as well as he thought they would. But he got a lot of money for his inventions.

My hero is hardworking because he invented things nonstop. My hero is brave because he's lucky to be alive instead of dead of his own inventions. My hero influenced me to make things I never made before.

My hero is a hero because he invented so many things people gave him rewards. The town gave him a coin with his face on it and his name.

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