Thomas Alva Edison

by Jordan from Sulphur

Thomas Edison (
Thomas Edison (

Thomas Edison is known for inventing many things you see around you, as well as things that later developed into items you use every day. I chose him as my hero because of his perseverance and dedication to his research. He tried over 10,000 light bulb designs before he found the correct filament type for a long lasting bulb. His many virtues have encouraged me to stick things out to the end and never give up.

My first encounters with Edison were from snippets of documentaries and collections of books. As I learned more about him, I came to admire him and eventually he became a full blown hero. I have used his examples in several activities, including my academic career as well as my participation in band. I have found that he has helped me become a very successful person.

His Menlo Park laboratory (
His Menlo Park laboratory (

Edison also presented several more virtues to me such as the entrepreneurial spirit which, at one point, led me towards a business career. I learned of his ability to go from an uneducated teen to a full blown entrepreneur with several businesses and patents which made him widely successful and wealthy. His success in business showed me and others that anyone can go from unpromising beginnings to wild success. It all depends on the person---not the background.

Edison and Phonograph (
Edison and Phonograph (

Edison is one of the many who has shaped the world and encouraged many people. Hopefully, for the sake of the future, Edison, and others like him, will continue to improve the world and shape young minds. Edison is a true American hero, as well as an inventor, scientist, and business man. He, in my opinion, is the best hero of the many I could have chosen from.

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