Thomas Edison

by Zahia from Wallingford

This is Thomas Edison<br> (
This is Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison was born in February 11th 1847. He was born in Milan, Ohio, but grew up in Port Huron, Michigan. Edison was a very kind young man who enjoyed helping others, and he wanted to invent something that would make life easier for everyone, since life in the 19th century was very tough. They didn't have phones nor electricity, which made it hard for everyone to interact with friends and family nearby.

It meets my definition because a hero to me is someone you look up to and admire, someone who never backs down and someone you trust. I think Edison meets my definition because he never backed down when inventing new things. If it wasn't for Edison, right now in the 21st century we wouldn't have phones, or cameras, or light bulbs. Life would be hard because we'd be stuck in dark and we wouldn't be able to save and cherish our memories with cameras, and if we didn't have phones, we'd have trouble interacting with friends and family and that'd make life a lot more difficult. Edison was brave, and he believed in himself because I’m pretty sure it wasn't easy making a telegraph or a motion picture camera, or a light bulb. Who would even have thoughts of inventing things at the age of 19? Thomas Edison did! Edison was very smart and had a very creative side to him. He loved experimenting and learning new things, so inventing a light bulb or anything as interesting wasn't such a big surprise to his parents, but the fact that he invented something no one has ever thought of inventing was shockingly surprising. It had a lot of impact on people's lives because they were finally given something that will soon make their lives easier for them and life was hard in the 19th century before the inventions, because they really didn't have that much, interacting with friends and family meant driving, or walking, or going on the train for hours just to say hello to a loved one. This was not only time consuming, but difficult for everyone so, the inventions made life more easier and joyful. "I have not failed, I just have 10,000 ways that won't work."

This is the light bulb<br> invented by Thomas Edison<br> (<br>whats-the-bright-idea/)
This is the light bulb
invented by Thomas Edison

You shouldn't care about what others think about you, because they're not you and it's not their life, it's yours. You can accomplish anything as long as you believe and have faith in yourself and put your mind to it. Before inventing, Edison failed many times before he completed anything. Edison learned from his mistakes, he did his best and worked his way up to achieve his goals and complete his inventions correctly, with no mistakes.

He always tried his best and if he failed, he didn't stop. He kept going so that he could become a better inventor by looking back at the mistakes he made before. When some people fail, they just give up, but it shouldn't end there. You should learn from your mistakes so then when you start over you can look over your mistakes and see what you've done so you can do better with no mistakes. "If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

George Westinghouse developed an AC system. While Edison was working with a new idea of using DC current, Westinghouse was developing an AC system, thinking his AC system will knock out Edison's current. Edison wasn't worried because nothing was going to bring him down, not even Westinghouse and his Ac system. He didn't worry about it because he knew it didn't matter and it wasn't important. He believed in himself and he knew he could do it.

This is the telephone Thomas Edison invented <br>(
This is the telephone Thomas Edison invented

Edison's inventions benefited the whole world. He has improved out society in many ways and made life a lot easier because if it wasn't for Thomas Edison, I think our lives would be so much harder than it already is for some, because if if wasn't for Edison's invention of the telephone we'd have a more difficult time of interacting with people. It would be impossible to say "hi" to someone who lives in a different country. Edison realized how hard it was so he made something that'd be useful and would help us interact with people who live in a different country. Now, Edison's inventions have been improved so they'd be easier to use. Other companies have made telephones more portable and changed the way they are used and the way they look. Not many people know who invented the telephone, most of the world doesn't even know who Thomas Edison is and what he is known for. Edison invented many things and if it wasn't for him, I think life would be difficult. It took a lot of courage and faith because there was a lot holding him back but he didn't let anything or anyone stop him or bring him down for achieving his goal.

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Hero to me is someone you admire and look up to. A hero can be anyone really. If you think they show the quality you're looking for in a hero, then you can name them your hero. My hero's name is Thomas Edison, and he is my hero because if he wasn't alive to invent the motion picture camera and the light bulb, we probably wouldn't have light and a camera to take pictures with. In my essay, i am going to prove to you why i think Thomas Edison is a hero!