Thomas Alva Edison

by Joseph from Atglen

One famous saying that Edison made was genius is 1 percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration.

You walk into a room and flick a switch and the room is magically light up. Did you ever stop and think of how that happens? It all started in a small house in Milan, Ohio; a little boy was born on February 11, 1847. Thomas Alva Edison died in 1892 lived 45 years but that did not stop him from earning 1093 patents - a world record! Edison did not learn to talk till 4 years of age. Edison moved to Michigan when he was 7 years old then he moved to New York, then to New Jersey and stayed there. Edison made a lab in his basement and worked in it until his mother told him to stop and got him a job on the railroad.

Thomas Edison had some major accomplishments that he is known for, like the light bulb, the phonograph, and a type of battery. Edison is well known for his labs like Menlo Park in New Jersey. That was his most famous lab. Edison also had another lab in New Jersey his latest lab at West Orange. At a young age Edison hit a huge wall, he got kicked out of school for asking questions that the teacher could not answer! That did not stop young Edison. His mom taught Edison until he could teach himself

Edison was a very amazing person with so many traits that I could make a whole story listing them but I’m not going to bore you doing that. I’ll just give you three traits. Edison was very inquisitive. Edison got kicked out of school for asking questions. Along with that Edison persevered through that time and taught himself. In the lab Edison was very convinced and believed that his inventions would work and be helpful.

Now you know who made the light bulb. We don’t even take time to think about Edison but he really was a hero.

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