Terry Fox

by Liza from Bradford

Terry Fox
Terry Fox



Terry Fox was born in 1958.He had a sister Judith, 2 brothers named Fred and Darrell and his parents were Betty and Rolly. Terry Fox was the shortest player in the basketball team. He was a person who never gave up. He had his leg amputated when he was 18 and that's what changed him forever.                                                                      

    He found out that the other people suffered from cancer and he felt really sorry for them, so he set out on the Marathon of Hope to raise money for people with cancer. He started running across Canada in 1980. His goal was to run 5,300 miles across Canada. He really had a pain in his leg! He started to run in Newfoundland.

Terry Fox's run was very difficult because of the weather, noises, temperature, Terry's artificial leg, etc. Terry's obstacles were very hard but he overcame them and that's what people like about that man. In Quebec, Terry wasn't allowed to run on the road because the police said that it's dangerous. But for Terry it was just another challenge and he moved on. Terry still faced obstacles, but he never gave up.

Terry Fox was courageous, optimistic and had a crazy belief. I think he was cool!

He raised over 500,000,000 dollars. But sadly, Terry Fox died in 1981. Terry inspires me because of his courage.

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