Terry Fox

by Natanel from Bradford

Terry Fox
Terry Fox

There was a man running across Canada for cancer research and his name was TERRY FOX. Terry was born in JULY 28 1958. In Terry's family there was a mother, a father, 2 brothers, and 1 sister. Terry Ffox was the 2ed most important person in the history of Canada. Terry Fox was the youngest teenager to run across Canada. Terry Fox raised over $500,000,000 before he died. He raised money to spend it on children with cancer. If Terry Fox didn't lose his leg he wouldn't be famous. Terry Fox was very very brave because he was very young to run 3,339 miles. Terry Ffox started running across Canada in April 12 1980. Terry Fox ran over 3,339 miles before he died. Terry inspires me because it's very very very very hard to run 3,339 miles. Terry Fox died in June 28th 1981 from bone cancer. Terry Fox died 1 month before his 23rd birthday. Terry Fox was selfless because he was thinking only about the children with cancer.

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