Terry Fox

by Joel from Cornwall

 Terry Fox on his run through Canada in 1980. ( Photography Ed Linkewich)
Terry Fox on his run through Canada in 1980. ( Photography Ed Linkewich)

A hero is someone you can look up at them and learn from them. Heroes don't necessarily need to accomplish their goals but as long as they try and do a difference in the world people still consider them as a hero. For example my hero Terry Fox did not exactly accomplish his goal but still made a huge difference in this world and many people like me. I picked him because every day i look up at him and it amazes me how he did it all.

Terry Fox was born on July 28 1958 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. His parents named Terry after his uncles from both sides of his family. His parents were Betty and Rolly Fox and his brother was named after Fred Fox. He and his family grew as sport lovers and Terry played many sports as a kid, like hockey, baseball and soccer. In high school, Terry also participated in cross country running and basketball. IN 1976, Terry suffered a little soreness in his right knee due to a small car accident, then he dismissed the pain for a couple months. One day, Terry woke up and found out he could not stand up so his dad took him to the hospital and the doctor said that Terry had osteogenic sarcoma which is a bone cancer that is mostly among children, teens and young adults like Terry. After a few days he had to get his leg amputated so it would not spread.

If I could give Terry five of the greatest qualities that he has it would be: Brave, Strong, courageous, giving and determined. I picked brave because Terry had to be brave when he decided to take on the challenge of running a marathon and also he was brave enough when he figured out he had cancer because he didn't give up. Also I decided to choose strong as one of Terry`s qualities because you have to be a strong heart to run a marathon across Canada while having cancer. Terry Fox was also very courageous as a person because he had lots of hope that he was going to run across Canada. For last Terry was very determined as a person because you could give him any challenge and he would be up for it.

Terry Fox is still a hero to me even though he's dead and he sure deserves to be one of the best heroes of Canada. The reason Terry has the title of "Hero" is because he had so much compassion and braveness that he could run a marathon across the hole entire country of Canada and raise so much money for the society of cancer even to this day. Even though Terry did not accomplish his goal because of his illness, he's still raising money and because of that people are raising money by running and continuing his dream, and he's still making a difference in this world after his suffering and dying from cancer.

Even to this day I look up a Terry and say to myself what an amazing person he is, this young adult helped our world so much because of what he has done. Every day the money that Terry raised for cancer helps people dying out there, so Terry shows us that if we try we could make a difference like him too.

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