Terry Fox

by Ines from Bradford

Terry Fox ran across Canada. He met people on the way. He ran 3,339 miles. He was so stubborn. He has 6 people in his family: his a sister and 2 brothers and a mom and a dad. Terry Fox loved kids. He's my hero. His school was Simon Frasier University. I think he is crazy but loyal. He ran 3,339 miles. He raised 250,000,000 dollars but he died on June 28, 1981. Terry Fox and his brother drove in the van and there was a box and they put money in the box for the Marathon of Hope. He found out that the cancer was coming back and he didn't tell anyone. He stopped the run in Thunder Bay and he had cancer in his lungs. When he went home he had to go back to the hospital. Terry got the award for the Order of Canada which is the highest award in Canada. He died on June 28, 1981. To help Terry we do the Terry Fox Run every year and raise money for the Terry Fox Foundation. This year our school raised over 3000.00.

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