Terry Fox

by Matthew from Orillia

Terry Fox
Terry Fox

Terry Fox ran across the country and raised money for cancer. Terry raised his money for other children that had cancer to help with their treatment.

Terry Fox was born in July 28, 1958. He was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Terry went to school at Simon Fraser University.

His family members are Mom and Paps. Their names are Rolly and Betty Fox. Fred, Darrell and Judith are his brothers and sister.

Terry lost a leg to cancer. When this happened, he decided to run across Canada. He was running to raise money for people with cancer. He raised millions of dollars for cancer. Terry only ran part way across Canada before his cancer came back. He died from cancer.

Terry is a hero because he was helpful. He was helping people by raising money for cancer. He was brave because he wasn't afraid to run across Canada. Terry is important for me because next year I will go in the Terry Fox run to help raise money for cancer.

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