Terry Fox

by Colton from Drayton Valley

terry fox is running ( (unknow ))
terry fox is running ( (unknow ))

I have chosen Terry Fox for my hero essay. Terry Fox as born in Winnipeg Manitoba on July 28th 1958 and died in New Westminster on June 28th 1981. This person was famous because he made millions for cancer research and to save people like him (people that have cancer). Terry was worth knowing for showing everyone that if they can put even a dollar toward research we can save all those people with cancer one day!

its the van that terrys brother drove for the run. ( (unknown ))
its the van that terrys brother drove for the run. ( (unknown ))

Terry spent his childhood in 2 different places; they are Winnipeg, Manitoba and Surrey, British Columbia. When Terry was 22 years old he had one leg amputated and he had cancer so he only had one leg on his run. Terry's dad was a switchman. Terry had 3 siblings: 2 brothers and 1 sister. His brother's names are Darrell Fox and Fred Fox and his sister's name is Judith Fox. Terry's family was very supportive of his dreams; his brother Darrell Fox even went with him on his run. Terry went to Simon Fraser University and he was in basketball, soccer and rugby.

Terry Fox as a child  ( (unkown ))
Terry Fox as a child ( (unkown ))

Terry wanted to run across Canada and raise money for cancer. Terry ran AND raised money for cancer. Terry got cancer again and it affected his run and that is another reason why he died. Terry Fox showed everyone that if they donate a dollar it can save so many lives. He has shown me what one person can do if they believe in themselves.

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