Terry Fox

by Curtis from Bradford

Terry Fox running
Terry Fox running

Terry Fox The Hero

There once lived a guy named Terry Fox. He wanted to be on the basketball team. He had to prove himself by running. His dad was Rolly, his mom was Betty, his brothers were Fred and Darrel, and his school was Simon Fraser University. Terry Fox raised over 250,000,000 dollars! He used to hate running. He got cancer at age 18 in his leg and had to get his leg cut off. He started running because he saw all of the little kids with cancer. He started his run in Newfoundland on April 12,1980 and he ran 3339 MILES until he died!

Terry Fox woke up at 4:00 am everyday. Terry Fox only ran in Canada. He had fun running. His best friend Doug drove beside him.Terry Fox was crazy, fun, funny and he was really strong. He ran every day. He died because his cancer spread to his lungs. His goal was to raise 1 dollar from every Canadian. He called it the Marathon Of Hope. He had an afro. He ran even when he was in a lot of pain. He was caring, strong, and empathetic. He was caring because he ran for everyone. He was strong because he ran every day, only stopping for a drink, food and sleeping. He was empathetic because he could tell how people were feeling. People ran with him sometimes. A lot of the time when people ran with him he challenged them and ran faster than usual.

Terry Fox was a hero for Canada. He died when he was 22. Sadly he is not alive anymore, he died on June 28, 1981. We will always remember Terry Fox for what he did. Terry Fox was voted as the second best hero in Canada. The End

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