Terry Fox

by Reid from Calgary

I made it (I did)
I made it (I did)

I choose Terry Fox because I thought he was brave. He ran to save people with cancer. To me he was the most heroic person in the world. He inspired me to do things that I would never do before. He was always very nice even though he only had one leg. Terry Fox is my favorite hero for sure!

I made it (I did)
I made it (I did)

Terry was a very athletic person. He had two brothers and they were named Fred and Darrel. He also had a little sister named Judith. He had two parents named Rolly and Betty Fox. Unfortunately, Terry had osteogenic sarcoma, a form of bone cancer, in his right leg. Still, Terry went on doing sports and still was as nice as ever. Nothing could change that!

I made it (I did)
I made it (I did)

Wow. Terry Fox accomplished so many things. For one, he won the Order of Canada. Holy cow! That's the best award that you can get. And Terry did something so brave that it's known worldwide. He said that he was going to run across Canada. Now, I know you're probably thinking "is he crazy? He only has one good leg". Well Terry trained and trained and finally he sets of to his goal. Unfortunately Terry got lung disease. But Terry still went on. But, Terry only made it to Thunder Bay and had to be flown to Vancouver. But the Marathon of Hope collected 24.17 million dollars for people with cancer.

Terry still lives in hearts. He was a very great hero, and we still have our own marathon in his honor. Terry has made it easier to cure cancer. Those are the reasons why I choose Terry Fox.

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