Terrance Stanley Fox

by Zachary from Innisfil

My hero is Terry Stanley Fox. He tried to conquer cancer. He didn't succeed because his leg cancer spread to his lungs and he passed away in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Terry inspires his parents and his brother and me to tell doctors to find a cure for cancer.

Terrance Stanly Fox was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1958. At age 17 he was diagnosed with leg cancer. He had his right leg amputated. He has one brother.

Terry is a hero because when he was only 18, he made a plan to run across Canada. He started his journey in St. Johns, Newfoundland. One day he took a break on a bench then a news crew saw him. They asked, "Can we do a broad-cast on you?" Terry said "yes." He made it to Thunder Bay, ON.

Terry Fox is my hero to me because he tried to conquer cancer but he didn't succeed in his journey and my grandmother had cancer and passed away with the cancer.

In conclusion, Terry is my hero because he tried to conquer cancer but he didn't succeed. But he did run halfway across Canada which I think is good enough for his parents and brother, which now live where he died, Thunder Bay ON.

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