Terry Fox

by Brittany from St. Albert, Canada

This is a picture of Terry Fox! (I drew it!)
This is a picture of Terry Fox! (I drew it!)

For this my hero project I have chosen Terry Fox as my hero because I think he is very unique and very kind to think of other people. Terry Fox was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on July 28, 1958. It’s sad to say it but Terry Fox died on June 28th 1981 at Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster, British Columbia and it was so close to his birthday. Terry Fox never gave up and he made a huge sacrifice to run all the way across Canada to raise money for not only himself but for other people who had cancer.

My hero Terry Fox was very caring and when he found out that his cancer spread to his lungs he still ran and wasn’t that scared. Well, maybe he was but like I said he didn’t give up or lose faith. Terry Fox is someone you can look up because he’s trying to tell you to change the world by one small act of kindness at a time, but he did a huge act of kindness and can you do that too.

Terry Fox has and can inspire many people like me. I am really inspired by Terry Fox, I really think he made a difference in the world by caring for others. Terry is very nice, caring and very special.

So that’s why Terry is my hero and I think he inspires me to see that the world can make a difference by helping any people with cancer and other sicknesses.

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