Terrance Stanley Fox

by Leigh from Innisfil

As a kid, Terry was very kind.

Terry moved soon after birth, to British Columbia. He thought it was a great place to grow up in. Then there were sports. Terry played soccer, base ball and rugby. He competed in track and field and did Cross country running. But he wanted to play basketball. In Gr. 10, Terry made the basketball team.

All of a sudden, in Nov. 1976, Terry's right knee hurt. A lot. He tried to ignore it, but in March, it was unbearable. His father drove Terry to the hospital. That is when he learned he had bone cancer. He cried at the thought of having his leg amputated. But he let it be done.

In the hospital, Terry read a magazine that showed a guy with a amputated leg, too. He ran the New York City Marathon. So this was Terry's first thought: "If could run, I can too." It brought him admiration and hope. Right then and there, Terry Fox decided that some time, he will run across Canada.

Terry started his run April 1980. Terry's friend Doug drove the donated van they got for the Marathon Of Hope. In the van was their gear: Food and running shoes, spare legs and repair parts. Terry Fox never stopped. No matter what weather, or anything. He just never stopped. Then Terry hurt again. More this time. He went to the hospital once more. He had cancer in his lungs. Terry Fox died June 28, 1981. He died a month before he was born: July 28,1958.

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