Terrance Stanley Fox

by Ben from Collingwood

He ran across Canada with one leg, he fought against cancer, he started the Marathon of Hope to help research for a cure. He is Terry Fox. Terry Fox is my hero because of what he did, what he did to make people more aware of cancer and how it affects their lives and the lives of others. It was 1977 when Terry Fox was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. They had to amputate his leg so the cancer wouldn't spread to the rest of his body.

Terry Fox running his marathon of hope in toronto (Wikipedia the free encyclopedia)
Terry Fox running his marathon of hope in toronto (Wikipedia the free encyclopedia)

Terry Fox was a very athletic person. He played soccer, rugby, and baseball but his favorite sport was basketball. Terry's coaches wanted him to try out for cross country running. He didn't like the idea but because he liked his coaches he decided that he would try out for the team.

Terry Fox had run for 143 days and 5373 kilometers before he died of osteosarcoma on June 28th 1981, the first Terry Fox run was held in 1981 and since then we have raised 500 million dollars for cancer research. In my opinion Terry Fox is more than a hero. He is a super hero because of all the people that he has helped with the Marathon of Hope for cancer research. Terry Fox was hero to all of us because almost all of us know someone who has been affected by some sort of cancer.

Terry Fox ran for us and now we are running for him and all the others that have been affected by cancer. He is a hero that will never by forgotten.

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