Terry Fox

by Christina from Horicon

Terry in action (
Terry in action (

A hero is anyone that aspires to bring a speck of radiance into a vicinity of gloom. There are endless characteristics that a hero may possess. Above all, a hero must be bold. They must be willing to do right, at any cost. Bravery and courage are often useful in performing such actions. To be a hero, many traits are required, or helpful, at least. Terry Fox was a man who displayed more than just the heart of a hero.

Terrance Stanley Fox was a gentleman from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He was born on the twenty-eighth of July, in 1958. At that time, his parents, Rolly and Betty Fox, had no idea that he would become such an honorable man. By 1968, his family was living in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. During his adolescence, Terry enjoyed sports such as: soccer, rugby, baseball, and basketball. It was clear from early on that Terrance fox was a determined athlete.

A monument in honor of Terry's hard work (
A monument in honor of Terry's hard work (

With his love of sports, Terry Fox took a tragedy and transformed it into a miracle of hope. On November 12, 1976, Terrance was involved in a car accident. He suffered only mild injury to his right leg. Over the months, the pain in his knee grew. When he finally sought medical attention, he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. This energetic young man required an amputation, for this diagnosis was of an extremely threatening form of cancer. During his time spent in the British Columbia Cancer Control Agency facility, Terry felt sorrow for the others who had to endure cancer with him, especially the children. Rather than weakening in a hospital, he found an opportunity to make his life a legacy. For fourteen months, Terrance trained for a marathon. This marathon was much more elaborate than a traditional marathon. It was a marathon of hope. His goal was to run from the boarder of Alaska to the coast of Newfoundland to raise money for cancer research. Soon, people from all across Canada were cheering him on and sponsoring his cause. He ran a single marathon nearly every day. He ran 3,339 miles, close to half his goal, and raised over twenty-three million dollars. Terry Fox may have lost his battle to cancer on June 28, 1981, but he has won a place in the heart of Canada, forever.

Terry Fox demonstrated qualities such as compassion, determination, and physical strength. He saw that cancer research was being put on the backburner in medical studies. He hoped that someday not children, nor adults, would ever have to suffer from the incurable consequences of cancer. Although, his cancer spread and pain shot through his body, Terry kept running. Only at the very end of his life did he request to go to the hospital. In fact, the excessive physical activity shortened his life. He was willing to shorten his already compromised life in hopes of saving others. Terrance Stanley Fox was a compassionate, strong, and determined man.

More than a hero, Terry Fox was an angel. He illustrated his physical barrier as an opportunity for hope. His courage gave strength to other cancer victims. He showed everyone that disabilities can be overcome! He pushed himself to the limits so that cancer research could be greater pursued. Terrance Fox is an admirable hero to anyone whom cancer has caused grief, and his actions are still earning money for cancer research today.

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