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Terry Fox (

A hero is someone who is willing to put himself or herself on the line in order to help others. Heroes are often ordinary people who make extraordinary decisions in a time of crisis. They are the people who are selfless in their actions and who intend to help others in need. Terry Fox is my hero because of his kind and thoughtful actions which were aimed at helping mankind. He tried to run across Canada in order to raise money for cancer research. Millions of dollars were raised in order to support the “Marathon of Hope.”

Terry Fox’s life is a very interesting one with a rich background. Terrance Stanley Fox was born on July 28, 1958 in Winnipeg and died June 28, 1981. He ran across Canada with one leg in 1981 to raise money for cancer research. His right leg that was amputated at the knee was removed in 1977 because of bone cancer. While being treated, all of the suffering cancer patients motivated him to raise money for cancer research. Terry’s kind and gentle personality was another factor in him deciding to run across Canada because he wanted to help those who were experiencing the pain and sadness that he too had experienced.

Terry Fox’s actions made a very big impact on Canada that will be remembered forever. He is an inspirational humanitarian who is honored in our country. Terry began training for fifteen months before running. He started his journey on April 12th in 1980 in St. John’s, Newfoundland. It was that day that he started the “Marathon of Hope”. He ran forty-two kilometers a day, which is equivalent to on marathon a day. In total, Terry Fox ran 5,374 kilometers across Canada. He was forced to stop on September 2, 1980 in Thunder Bay by the cancer that had spread from his right leg to his lungs. Terry Fox died June 28, 1981. His run helped raise money for those less fortunate, and is never to be forgotten in Canadian history.

The impact that Terry Fox made was a large one where future generations still celebrate the brave and selfless thoughts and actions of a very brave and selfless man. In total, Terry Fox raised twenty-five million dollars for cancer research. Many runs across Canada are held to commemorate the impact that Terry Fox has made on Canada and cancer research. Terry also was the youngest to receive the Order of Canada, the country’s highest civilian honor. Fox inspired other young people to take up the fight against cancer. Steve Fonyo, another young man who had lost a leg to cancer, also ran against Canada. In 2005, Royal Canadian Mint made a one dollar loonie to remember Terry Fox. He also won Canadian of the Year twice. He certainly made a large contribution to Canadian history. Runs are held at schools each year during late-September as a way for people to remember the actions that Terry Fox made.

Terry Fox is an outstanding man who devoted his life to help others. His selfless thoughts and actions were bent on bettering mankind. He is a man that people are proud to say is Canadian. Our country is proud to say that Terrence Stanley Fox is a piece of history in this great land, and he will be remembered and honored by everyone in future generations. Terry Fox is my hero because of the courage it takes to do something when all of the odds are against you. The truth be told, the only thing holding yourself back is you. Terry was able to overcome that. He is a hero.

One way that our school can honor Terry Fox is by having our cross-country team fundraise by running for donations that could go to a cancer foundation.

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