Terry Fox

by Damian

Terry Fox standing
Terry Fox standing

My hero is Terry Fox because Terry was brave with cancer and ran across Canada. His birthday is July 28, 1968 and his birth place Winnipeg, Manitoba and family members - 2 brothers, Fred and Darrell and 1 sister Judith, mother Betty and father Roland. Terry Fox used to play with toy soldiers.

Terry Fox brothers sister mom dad and his best friend. He had to fight cancer. He kept active and he stayed confidant. He raised money for cancer research.

Terry Fox ran across Canada for cancer research for people across the world. Terry Fox accomplished his goal of raising money for cancer research for people across the world.

Terry fox displays courage when he runs across Canada. Terry Fox displays adaptability when he gets a fake leg. Terry displays courage when he ran across Canada. Terry displays adaptability when he got a new leg.

I chose Terry Fox because he ran across Canada.

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