Terry Fox

by Joshua from Sydney

The Long Road
somewhere the pain must stop  (
somewhere the pain must stop (

There are many so called heroes today but there is one that stands out to Canandians. His name Terry Fox. Terry Fox is a hero. Terry Fox was very brave, will respected, and determined.

Terry Fox is brave because he had leg cancer in his left leg but he still wanted to help others by running across much of Cananda. He was running to raise money for other cancer people among us. There was also something that he said that made people think that he is brave, "Somewhere The Hurting Must Stop."

Terry Fox is well respected because of what he did for others like him. Terry is respected so much that they have an memorial in Ontario and have named a mountain after him in the Canadian Rockies of British Columbia. Every year the people have a 2 mile run for the memory of Terry Fox. All the donations go towards cancer patients. Even though Terry Fox is gone we are still trying to fulfill Terry's Dreams.

Terry Fox was determined because he ran against all odds across much of a country. To make it harder for Terry Fox, he only had one leg. Terry said, "One leg or not, I will Succeed."


Terry Fox is a hero. Terry is a hero because he was brave, well respected, and determined. So even if Terry Fox did not finish what he went out to do, he sure made an big impression on everyone to remember him by. But for him it was just The Long Road.

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