Terry Fox

by Cherry from Newmarket

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Terry Fox was a Canadian athlete, humanitarian and cancer research activist. Terry developed bone cancer and had to have his right leg amputated in 1977. Despite this he didn't give up on life. Instead he decided to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. Because he helped so many people by doing this, he is remembered by everyone as a hero and his life was valuable.

Throughout his journey, he remained optimistic even after his leg was amputated and went from walking to running, not letting his handicap stop him. At last he finished the 5,373 kilometers marathon. His enthusiasm for sports also supported him and gave him strength in this kind of situation. Terry was so strong! Even though he was suffering with the pain of cancer he still ran to raise money in order to help more people. The most precious spirit inside him was persistence. Running a long distance every day would seem unimaginable for someone who was disabled and also has cancer. How painful and how exhausting it must have been! But he did something people could only dream of, and kept running for 143 days until he couldn't run anymore. Shouldn't we be touched by this kind of spirit?

Although his life was short I believe it was valuable. He spent this part of his life helping people by bringing awareness to cancer and the importance of cancer research. His character encouraged many patients in their fight with cancer. He is someone who will be remembered in the heart of others. The meaning of his life was not only that he sacrificed himself but also that he helped mankind by waking up the humanity in their hearts and helping society become better through his actions.

People will always remember him as a hero. Because of him, more and more people are committing themselves to charity work. While raising money and trying their best to help others, they will think about Terry and his immortal legacy. People will pass his story on forever. His actions also influence many disabled people, he used his disease in a positive way to tell them that they all have the power to change the world. Their life can be valuable and colorful as well.

In a word, Terry Fox sacrificed himself to show us a person's power is as strong as their heart. Be optimistic, despite the frustrations, and don't lose hope. Be enthusiastic, learn to enjoy life. Be persistent, don't give up easily. Nowadays many people are too busy to care about others. They achieve their life goal just for themselves and they always have so many things to complain about. Let's think of Terry Fox. The person who was having a race with time and fighting with death almost his whole life could see past that. We should remember Terry Fox not only as a hero, but we should also pass on his legacy and try our best to help more people. So let's learn from Terry Fox, continue his work and find the true value of our lives.

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