Theodor Geisel

by Justin from Glenbrook Middle School

“I said what I meant and I meant what I said”
Theodor Geisel
Theodor Geisel

My Hero is Theodor Geisel, otherwise known as Dr. Seuss. He is my Hero because he has written many books on world problems and makes them into funny children's stories such as The Lorax (pollution), Yertle the Turtle (anti-fascism), The Sneetches (racial equality), How The Grinch Stole Christmas (anti-materialism), Horton Hears A Who! (anti-isolationism) and (anti-internationalism), and The Butter Battle Book (arms race). I think it is very important for people to consider his books and try to help all these problems. I have always wanted people to treat each other with equal respect. It is clear why Dr. Seuss is my Hero.

Theodor Geisel was born in 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts. During World War I, he was an active participant in a campaign. In 1943, he joined the army and was the commander of Animation Dept of the First Motion Picture Unit of the United States Army Air Forces. After the war, he supported his family through the Great Depression by drawing pictures in the humor magazine The Judge. In 1937, he wrote his first childrens book, And To Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street. In his later career, he wrote many childrens books with an important moral lesson. Now you will hear why Dr. Seuss is my hero...

Dr. Seuss’s books always had a special meaning to me. His book The Lorax deals with pollution and why not to cut down trees. Yertle The Turtle deals with anti-fascism, which means the opposition to unnecessary organizations. Anti-materialism connects with How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Hortan Hears A Who! talks about anti-isolationism and anti-internationalism. The Butter Battle Book describes the arms race. Dr. Seuss is my hero because he remained strong during World War I and joined the army in 1943. He also supported his family during the Great Depression and I think that shows his true character about how mentally tough he is. I really appreciate how he writes about world problems and I find it really interesting that his book The Lorax (which talks about world pollution) is printed on recycled paper. Apparently, Dr. Seuss is a great hero.


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