Trecia S. Godfrey

by Andrew from Monroe

Heroes, heroes are everywhere. Heroes are at home and they're at school. Heroes are not hard to find. A hero is a person who is loyal; who you know will be there for you. A hero is mature and sacrifices for others. My hero is my Mom.

A hero is loyal and you can always count on them. A hero always sacrifices for others and is mature when needed. The reason a hero has to be loyal is because a hero is someone who is there for others. Not when it suits them best to be there. A hero also has to sacrifice because that is part of being loyal. A hero has to sacrifice so he or she can be there for others. That is why heroes make the world better. Because they're always there for others.

The hero that fits this description best is my mom. She is loyal, mature, and sacrifices for me every day. She is loyal because she has always been there for me. Whenever we needed something she was there for us. She is mature because she knows when to have fun and when to be serious. She sacrifices every day so she can have a family. Everything she does is for us. She sacrificed a life of luxury so she could be there for us. My mom is the definition of a hero.

Heroes are not hard to find. A hero is loyal, mature, and sacrifices for others. As I said before I think the person who fits this description best is my mom. Heroes are the ones who spread hope. Heroes make the world an easier place to live.

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