Teachers Heroes

Tori Goldrick

by Daisy Gonzalez and Megan Davis

Tori Goldrick was born in Ohio. She first wanted to become a teacher in first grade after her own teacher inspired her by setting the right example. She liked her teaching methods and the way she helped students plan their futures at the age of 6-7 years old. She is now a grown woman who teaches at East Iredell Middle School. She is a mentor to many students and is a memorable person that you will never forget.

She graduated from High school in 1992. She went to Walsh University from 1992-1993, then went to Notre Dame College of Ohio from 1993-1995, then to Lenoir-Rhyne College from 1995-1997 and graduated. Tori Goldrick preferred to teach elementary students and applied to be one in many schools, but nothing came until one day at 7:30, someone called her for an interview at East Middle School for a position as a teacher for a sixth grade social studies and language arts class. She did not want to be a middle school teacher, but she soon found out that this changed her life.

Tori Goldrick lives in North Carolina.

Tori Goldrick started at East Middle on September 16, 1997 and is still teaching today at East. I met her in my 6th grade year. Before she even knew me, she requested to have me as student. She wanted to meet me because she had my brother as a student, and also gave him a helping hand. Also reached out to him in a way that no other teacher did. Every year there was always a child that was in need of help. She always found the good in people no matter what they have gone through.

Mrs. Goldrick is still a sixth grade teacher at East Middle today and has been, for thirteen years now. She has been a mentor to many kids who have family problems, drug and peer pressure, and gang issues. She does not get paid for the extra time that she takes out of her schedule to help these kids.We recognize her today for the good deeds that she has done and the ways she takes care of people in her own way. We have interviewed some of these children, and they all agree that Mrs. Goldrick has impacted their life in some way, shape, or form. She is a mother, sister, friend, and angel for all of these children. One child, during her first year, was in need of love and affection. That year she realized how much one kid could go through. The child was abused physically, emotionally, verbally, and mentally. He was not allowed to eat in his home unless there were leftovers, had bad tempered issues. But the most that affected his life was his mother. His mother would always say she would do anything to get rid of him. His childhood wasn't the best you would say. Every time he had a success, something would ruin it. When Tori found out about the abuse he faced she called the DSS. Today he is a successful human being with a job and has gotten a second chance at life because one teacher believed in him.

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