Temple Grandin

by Max from Los Angeles

Temple at a TED talk 2010 ( ())
Temple at a TED talk 2010 ( ())

I am a senior in high school who was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Due to my disability, I had all the cases from constant talking, inability to socialize, to high sensitivity and fear of certain items or places. But with Asperger's, it also gave something I would not want to let go of, and that is a passion for animals. My passion is so deep that I was able to lose my fear of certain animals and but then it used to gain new fears. I loved spiders, but hated parrots since they made loud noises I was afraid of. My hardest time was trying to get rid of my anxieties, fears, and other complications. It took years and now I am finally capable of being a better person for myself and maybe society, plus I got rid of my fear from parrots.... But there was always a glimmer of hope that I found at the time when I was having my problems. It was a person who seemed to have the same passion as I do and I was excited about knowing that. It was Temple Grandin.

Through times of reading her books, researching and getting a better sense of who she really is, I found out she has similar views about the world like I do. The lack of people being outside and doing fieldwork to research animals is now at an all time low. Luckily, I know that I want to be outdoors and attempt fieldwork, even though it could be difficult. It looked like I was seeing myself in the future, in the sense of my passion and where I want to push towards being. But with different aspects.

Grandin did her work by ensuring slaughter animals were treated correctly and having proper methods for humane slaughter. She has mentioned zoos and has done some work also to make sure the animals were in proper condition and kept happy. But I want to take that aspect of the zoo world she made and taking it to a higher level. To make a great difference as strong as Grandin did with slaughter plants, by ensuring the best zoo animal care and making the best quality exhibits possible.

Clouded Leopard ( ())
Clouded Leopard ( ())

Thanks to Grandin, I found my determination and desire to make my major goal. And I will make sure that as many zoo animals see, will be in better condition. Temple did her half by ensuring the best treatment for slaughter animals, and it is my turn to do the next half with improving conditions for zoo animals.

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