Temple Grandin

by Chisay Arai from Roseville

Temple Grandin (
Temple Grandin (

Temple Grandin is a hero. She is a hero not only for autistic people, but also for animals. Since she is autistic, she knows how people with autism feel and react. She didn’t talk to communicate until she was nearly five years old. Fortunately, her mother was determined to get Temple to go to a normal school, even though autistic children were often placed in mental institutions. Doctors thought autism was a psychological problem, not a biological or neurologic disorder. Also, they thought that there was nothing they can do to help or improve autistic people.

Temple Grandin is a voice for autistic people. She teaches how autistic people think, and why they’re unique. Many people are inspired and encouraged that they can be successful like Temple, as long as they keep trying. Especially for parents who have autistic children, it must be really hard work and stressful. As long as the parents keep trying to teach their children manners and set challenges for them like how Temple’s mom did, their children have a good chance of turning out like Temple.

Temple Grandin helped animals from less pain and stress. She designed a cattle restraining device to help the cattle move from transports, into pens, through chutes, and into slaughter areas. Her methods keep the animals calm and comfortable, so they don’t panic and make noise. This method results in fewer injuries to the animals and workers, less noise, and happy animals! More than half of the cattle slaughtered in the United States use her design and methods.

Temple Grandin inspires me to achieve goals instead of giving up. Also, she made me realize that I shouldn’t complain about little things because it’s so much harder for her. She motivates me to do better and push myself. I bet she motivates others to try really hard for what they want! I am really grateful that she designed the cattle restraining device because I love animals, and it makes me happy knowing they go through less pain. Also, she talks about autism and shows everyone how unique autistic people are. That probably makes autistic people feel good!


Temple gives hope to autistic people that they can also be successful. After many therapy lessons and great hardship, Temple was able to graduate from high school. She earned a B.A. at Franklin Pierce College in New Hampshire, an M.S. in Animal Science at Arizona State University, and a PhD in Animal Science from the University of Illinois. She was born on August 29, 1947, which means she is 64!! Now, she teaches at Colorado State University and writes about autism and her life experiences.

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