Thalia A. Hare

by Kaya from Philadelphia

Star Animal Rescue Logo (
Star Animal Rescue Logo (

Did you know that there is a local hero in our school! Her name is Thalia Hare, a 13 year old eighth grader who volunteers at an animal shelter named "Star". Don't be deceived though, Thalia is a normal kid just like anyone else! She enjoys the Harry Potter Series, playing with her pet dog Zipper, and being a kid!

Have you heard of Star?  It's an animal shelter that takes in stray dogs. Thalia along with friends Shilo Kendall, Wesley Midgett. "Star is a great shelter with no kills! They take the time to  make sure the owner and dog are a great match for each other " Hare says. Star also has events where you can meet some of their dogs (and few cats), learn about animal abuse, sell merchandise (shirts and such), and take donations! So remember the next time you want to adopt a dog to go to star!

Thalia has grown up in Philadelphia with her mother, stepfather, and brother. She was born in Philadelphia. She attends McCall Elementary School, but she is going off to SLA next year. Along with helping animals she also loves painting, drawing, etc. She has a strong passion for animals, especially dogs. This love mainly started from her dog Zipper."When I was five I saw a homeless man with a mangy looking dog. I did not realize how skinny the dog was, but I knew I loved dogs and I wanted to pet it so I ran up to the man and asked "Can I pet your dog?" and was surprised to hear "You can keep her child." back. My mom and grandmother didn't think it was a good idea, but after my uncle (not my real uncle, my mom's friend), the homeless man, and I pleaded and my mother agreed. It turned out the puppy only had a liver problem and was estimated to be about 7 months-a year old. I decided I wanted to name him Blueberry, but my mother thought it would be weird to call him that so I decided on Zipper. The full name is Zipper Blueberry Bad Dog Hare though, Zipper is now 9.

At Star Thalia says she feeds dogs, walks dogs, and cleans kennels! Thalia has been going here for five years, since she was in fourth grade (nine years old). Along with her, her friends Wesley Midgett (14, eighth grade) and Shilo Kendall (13, seventh grade) work there too. Ms. Hare stated, "What inspires me to work at Star is that I have always liked animals. In my sixth grade class (Ms.Rivera's) we did a project on animal abuse where we raised money to donate to shelters. Another inspiration to me is my mother, who has always had stray animals (mostly cats) in our home. In all we have taken in nine, and kept one (Zipper)." Many Philadelphia schools participate in a program called 'Need In Deed' where they learn and take action with one topic which they decide on (Examples: Nutrition, Animal Abuse, Vandalism, etc.). This program that Thalia (And her class 321; Ms.Rivera) participated in helped raise awareness through the school, General George A. McCall Elementary school. Apart from doing this she (had) already was going to Star to help and through this project the class educated many people in (and out) of the school.

Thalia with dog Zipper ( (Thalia Hare (date;March 11,2012))
Thalia with dog Zipper ( (Thalia Hare (date;March 11,2012))

An inspiration to Thalia is her mother who has  always taken in stray cats and dogs . "My Mom always encourages me to help at Star, and help strays." Her mom, and friends always encourage Thalia to volunteer at Star and help bring notice to animal abuse. She tries to go to Star as often as she can, but she can only go every other week. In the future Ms. Hare wishes to adopt more strays, and keep volunteering at Star.

"I do not consider myself a hero." Thalia said. I chose Thalia however, because she works at an animal rescue shelter, and helps bring awareness to it. She does not boast or brag, but is very humble. I think she is a true everyday hero and an inspiration to us all. Thalia is a role model and someone I look up to. Even though she is only a kid that doesn't mean that she cannot be a role model.

In conclusion, if you want to help Star or any animal shelter you can donate money through the website, or go to one of the fundraisers and donate! (To learn more you can visit the Star website listed above). Or if you'd prefer more hands on work you can volunteer to help there. Remember that no matter how old you are, you can always make a change.

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