Tony Hawk

by Elijah from San Diego

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Tony Hawk "-one of the most famous and influential figures in the history of skateboarding"(Cave, Steve. "Hawk, Tony.") Anthony Frank Hawk is a very popular professional skater that has had an exponential growth of fame throughout his entire life. Anthony Frank Hawk was Born May 12, 1968 in San Diego, California. Anthony, started skating at a very young age. Tony has dedicated his life to skateboarding. Growing up, he skated in his backyard, in the streets, and local skateparks. At the age of just 14, Tony became pro. He became a professional skateboarder sponsored by Dogtown skateboards and Bones Brigade. He also had a passion for skateboarding competitions where he would win almost every time. One day he entered the X games, the X games is an event where extreme sports are held. On this day, Tony Hawk made skating a universally loved sport, and he himself became a famous athlete looked up to by many. But all his success could only be achieved through hard work. In order for someone to be classified as a hero, they must possess braveness and persistence. Tony Hawk is a heroic figure because he is brave, persistent, and is an inspirational role model for many people around the world. 

Throughout his life, Tony Hawk faced many struggles, but he still found success through persistence. "He won virtually every skateboarding competition he entered, and before he was twenty, he was considered to be the number one vertical skateboarder in the world."("Tony Hawk." UXL Newsmakers, UXL, 2005). Tony never gave up, he always tried his hardest in competitions. Because of his persistence, he had the objective of winning all his skateboarding competitions. With his high standards for winning, he became the number one skater. With so much passion and persistence for skateboarding, Tony could win almost every competition because he tried his best and worked hard. Not only did he win many skating competitions when he was young, he also invented new tricks at even bigger competitions when he got older. "In seventeen years as a professional skateboarder, Hawk has invented more than eighty tricks and competed in an estimated 103 contests, winning seventy-three and placing second in nineteen. He quit competing in 1999 after landing the first-ever "900"" (Tony Hawk." Notable Sports Figures). Tony has always tried his best to innovate skateboarding and push the limits. His persistence has shaped the sport as a whole. Throughout his life he has worked hard and tried his best to create new mind blowing tricks that defy the laws of physics. Because Tony Hawk has shown hard work and persistent in his craft, skateboarding has expanded into something great. Persistence has lead tony to success. With his hard work, he eventually made it to the X games.

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Tony Hawk is also considered a hero because he is brave, and isn't afraid to test boundaries. Being brave was a trait Tony was lucky to possess in his life. "What really brought Hawk and skateboarding to national attention was the "X-Games." (Harris, Laurie Lanzen.). Skating hasn't always been a sport that people looked up to. But Tony Hawk was brave enough to try and make it big no matter what others thought. He really made skating a mainstream extreme sport. Trying to make skateboarding into an extreme sport seemed nearly unachievable at the time. Tony Hawk was willing to test that notion. Very few people were brave enough to participate in the X games, but Tony had a burning passion to compete there. Competing in the X game was great experience for the American Pro skater. What he accomplished at the games was an amazing event that all skaters around the world can recognize. This was the day Tony Hawk landed the first "900"."When Hawk performed skateboarding's first 900, he became one of the world's most famous and most respected athletes"(Sheen Barbara. Tony Hawk.) The trick Tony Hawk did at the X games was the 900. This is an extremely dangerous trick to attempt. Luckily tony was brave enough to attempt it and make skating an extreme sport that would later be greatly respected. Not only was the sport respected, so was Tony Hawk, many athletes looked up to him for his courage and braveness. Spinning 900 degrees in the air, on a skateboard is a very treacherous thing to do. Many other skaters would consider it impossible, but because of Tony's bravery, the impossible was accomplished. Tony's braveness opened the vision of skateboarding. Now more people are trying new tricks and becoming more creative with what they can do on a skateboard, all because of Tony Hawk testing the boundaries of extremeness.

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Tony Hawk's persistence and bravery molded skateboarding into the phenomenon it is today. Tony has invented hundreds of new tricks, won hundreds of skateboarding competitions, and most importantly, he has inspired people all around the world to pursue their dreams. Tony Hawk is considered to be the best and most inspirational skating figures to ever live. He truly is a hero to all who have a positive regard towards skateboarding. Without him, skateboarding would not be the same. Tony Hawk can be used as a definition for skateboarding.

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