Teachers Heroes

Tricia Jansen

by Sharlee from Billings

What is the definition of a hero? Is it a person who risked their life for someone else`s, a superhero from a comic book, or a person who stopped a criminal from doing something illegal? Whatever your definition of a hero is, a hero to me is someone who inspired me and made a difference in my life. The person who did exactly that is my middle school teacher: Mrs. Jansen. She is just an amazing woman who is adventurous, intelligent, and all around an awesome person. She is also the type of woman I want to become when I get older.

Tricia Jansen is the name of my hero. She was born in Missoula, Montana. She has 2 siblings: an older sister named Kara and a twin sister named Trina. In second grade she knew what she wanted to be: a teacher. Her third grade teacher inspired her teaching dreams. She went to Big Sky High School and was a cheerleader and a cross country runner. After High School she went to the University of Montana. Tricia majored in science and graduated in March of 2008. She got married to her husband Matt Jansen. After she graduated she got a job at Elder Grove School and taught math and science to seventh and eighth graders. She is currently still teaching.

Everyday Tricia Jansen makes a difference. She teaches science and math and encourages students to try their hardest. As a child Tricia wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, but she became a teacher instead. Her favorite book is Steeping Off the Cracks by Mary Downing Hahn. She enjoys the movie Top Gun and her favorite singer is Matisyahu. Pink is her favorite color and she loves any kind of pizza. In the winter she is a skier. In the summer she is a runner, cyclist, and a hiker. Basically she loves anything related to the outdoors. Some interesting facts about Tricia is that she sounds like very young, but she is actually 28. She speaks French and we are even the same height.

I will never forget the day when Tricia and I were talking about snowboarding and skiing. I suggested that we start a skiing/snowboarding club. She thought it was a wonderful idea and encouraged it 100%. Shortly after the idea was brought up I was called to the principal's office. I was so scared, then I saw Mrs. Jansen talking to the principal and he told us that the ski/snowboard club is a go. We made flyers and hung them all over the school. I was nervous that we wouldn`t have that many members, but Tricia kept smiling at me and told me to just wait. The day the club started there were so many kids there. Later that day we planned our first ski trip. A month later we planned to go to Big Sky with the Bear Mountain Descent. That was a fun trip except that I got hurt. Tricia went to the hospital with me and filled out all of my paperwork like she was my mom. I was terrified of being in the ER so to make it better Tricia kept pointing out all of the good-looking male nurses. After that I looked up to her and thought of her as my hero. She inspired me to follow my dreams and to always work hard. She helped me with science and we talked about skiing and snowboarding a lot. But most of all she made me want to live every day to the fullest. She is just so extreme and cool and that is why she is my hero.

Over all Mrs. Jansen is my favorite teacher and one of my favorite 28 year olds. I am glad that I met her and that I had the opportunity to be taught by her. But most of all I am glad to call her my friend, my role model, and my hero.

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