Tim Kroening

by Colby from Brookfield

My School Community Hero

There is one teacher in my life that I would recommend for a very major reward would have to be my old seventh grade social studies teacher Mr. Kroening. I recommend Mr. Kroening for this major award because of the things he did for the school and community. Also how he had a huge connection with all of my brothers and sisters. He also had a way to get you to have fun and learn at the same time.

Mr. Kroening's methods to get you to learn were very beneficial but simple at the same time. One way he taught you was that he never taught from the book. This is because he believed that if he wanted to teach us reading then he would be a reading teacher. I remember that on every Thursday we would spend a day learning about the antiques that he brought in and how they were used in back in the day. He always made funny remarks and facial expressions when you answered the question wrong or didn’t hand in your homework because he always gave you an entire month to hand in a sheet that you only needed to get signed to get credit for.

Mr. Kroening always helped out the community. Some ways he did this was by planting trees around the parks. He also bought ten packs of socks each week and he gave them to the homeless people living out on the streets.

He deserves this award because he is always helping helping out others and the environment. And because he has taught seven of my eleven brothers and sisters. They would say the same thing.

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