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Tina Logan

by Dominique from Essex Junction

Mrs.Logan's Vermont Art Teachers Association Photo (
Mrs.Logan's Vermont Art Teachers Association Photo (

Mrs.Logan is probably one of the best art teachers you will find! She is very involved at ADL as an art teacher. She is always willing to help answer your questions, improve your art project, or even offer emotional support when you need it most. Mrs.Logan is originally from New York, she has three older siblings; one sister and two brothers. As a kid Mrs.Logan was really involved. She participated in girl scouts, chorus, cheer leading, musicals, stage design, and of course art club. Mrs.Logan went to a college in Syracuse to learn to become a teacher. In 1989 Mrs.Logan moved to Vermont and really started her teaching career! She has been teaching for 26 years now! Now that you know a bit about Mrs.Logan I want to talk about how Mrs.Logan volunteers a lot of her time at an organization called VATA.

Painting from the ADL Art Gallery ( (Makayla R (Makayla Racine 6th Grade))
Painting from the ADL Art Gallery ( (Makayla R (Makayla Racine 6th Grade))

VATA stands for Vermont Art Teachers Association. VATA is a non-profit association that works to create learning opportunities for children in Vermont. Mrs.Logan has been president of the association for a few years. As president of VATA she would set the agenda for the meetings that happen once or twice a month for 2-3 hours, plan statewide art exhibits, plan for promotions, and more. Mrs.Logan has been in VATA for 8 years now.

Painting from the ADL Art Gallery ( (ADL Student ))
Painting from the ADL Art Gallery ( (ADL Student ))

Some of Mrs.Logan's highlights of being a part of VATA would be fun conferences, workshops, and statewide art shows at the State House. Of course there are always challenges, Mrs.Logan said some hard challenges would be trying to get enough membership to promote art, trying to get the program to grow and expand, keeping everything in order, and trying to get people involved in their part. Overall though Mrs.Logan says VATA is a lot of fun.

Mrs.Logan could easily be anybody's hero because of how caring and wonderful she is at teaching. I hope you learned a little bit about VATA and Mrs.Logan. Mrs.Logan is a great friend, family member, teacher, and a great hero.

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