Trennon Massengale

by Hunter from Godley

My dad and I are very close. We have always been best friends. He is always there for me in time of need and suffering. He always knows just what to say to calm me down or to cheer me up. I don't enjoy it when we fight over silly things, but we do that quite often. He gets annoyed and mad a lot faster than I do, so when I think it's all fun and games, he get madder and madder.

I think the reason that we are so close is that we enjoy a lot of activities together. We both love to hunt. We have done so for all of our lives. That is the rock in our friendship that holds everything together. When we are off alone in the forest, it gives us a chance to bond and get close.

We also enjoy fishing. When we are out on the water, it's very peaceful and we have a great time. Sports is another activity that we enjoy. He goes to 95% of my games. He is awesome support. He won't hesitate to go out and play catch with me. He tells me stories of when he was a kid, playing football and baseball. It's interesting to learn about what he did as a child. He also gives me constructive criticism which lets me know what I did wrong and shows me how it needed to be done.

My dad and I love to be around each other. He knows how I feel even when I don't say or do anything. That is how well he knows me. The number one reason why he is my hero is because he is there for me, whether I have a question or need help with anything. I know that I will always have him for support.

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