Trevor Moore

by Mason from Pickerington

A hero is a normal person who goes above and beyond to do what's right. Heroes aren't always movie stars or actors. They can just be everyday people doing what they need to survive in everyday life. The reason it's important to have a hero is because it fuels our ambition to succeed and do better in life.

My dad is my hero because he didn't grow up with much and he worked hard all of his life and now he has the things he wants because of his hard work.

My dad has gone through a lot of hardships in his life and he has overcome them all. Growing up my dad's family didn't have much money so he had to work for things he wanted. All through high school he never got anything lower than an A. He graduated high school top of his class. He only got four B's all through college and was working all the way through college. He worked hard all of his life and now he has a great life to show for it.

Who is my dad's hero and why?
1. My dad's hero is JFK because of his charisma and passion.

What is the first thing my dad would want to do if his hero was alive today?
2. If my dad's hero was alive today he would want to go to a press conference and watch him make decisions on how to run the country.

What is the thing my dad respects about his hero?
3. The thing my dad respects about JFK is he is very passionate about our country and its citizens.

What does my dad think his hero's greatest achievement was?
4.Inspiring the entire country.

What's one characteristic that my dad thinks he shares with his hero.
5.They both care about others.

What historical event would my dad like to have attended with his hero that made his hero change people's lives?
6.The meeting when the Bay of Pigs decision was made.

What was my dad's hero's most inspiring moment?
7.The speech about landing a man on the moon. What was my dad's favorite quote from his hero that changed lives?
8.Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.

What decision that my dad's hero made that changed the most lives?
9.His proposal of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which was taken up by President Johnson after Kennedy's death.

What decision that my dads hero made changed his life the most?
10.His decision to go to Dallas, where he was shot.

I believe my dad relates a lot to his hero because everything he does he tries his hardest and is passionate about it. I respect my dad because he has always worked hard through his whole life. His hero ran our nation well, was respected by everyone, and made many life changing decisions for many people worldwide. I feel like my dad is respected by everyone too and he makes important decisions in my life and I've had a better life because of it.

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