Theodore O'Conner

by Tara from Quakertown

Theodore jumping over a hedge
Theodore jumping over a hedge

My hero is the famous pony, Theodore O’Conner. He is known for show jumping and eventing. When he died, it was very sad for many people. He is my hero because when he was jumping really big jumps, he never gave up.

Theodore jumps
Theodore jumps

Theodore O’Conner was a 14.1 hands tall pony. That might seem a little small, but its not when you are jumping 5 feet! Theodore O’Conner was in the Rolex. Rolex is a three-day event. First day is dressage then cross-country, and last, but not least, show jumping. He got third place. That’s really good!

Theodore does dressage
Theodore does dressage

Theodore O’Conner’s nickname was Teddy. Teddy was an amazing little pony. All different people owned him. Loosely, he had owners for two or three years and then went to a new owner. The last years he survived, 2006 to 2008, he was owned by Karen O’Conner. Karen O’Conner loved this little pony very much. I can believe it was hard for her when Teddy died.

Teddy was born in 1995. His breeder started him with a racing career. He ended by winning $50,518. Next he went into show jumping. Surprisingly, Teddy was lots of breeds. He was 3/4 thoroughbred, 1/8 Arabian, and 1/8 Shetland, gelding. His face marking was a star. Teddy had a lot of things going on in his life and he never gave up.

Theodore show jumps
Theodore show jumps

After Teddy’s racing career, he started with show jumping. Then the last years of his life, he started with cross-country. He tried as hard as he could along with his rider, Karen O’Conner. He was an amazing little pony that could do so much.

Teddy is my hero because he put so much effort into everything he did like racing, show jumping, and cross-country. Teddy was energetic and kept going. Teddy never gave up, and I will never forget him! For these reasons, he is my hero.

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