Tamora Pierce

by Chelsia from Roxboro

Tamora Pierce is my hero. Tamora Pierce is a fantasy writer that creates capturing novels for teens and young adults worldwide. Creating very distinctive novels that stand out from the other fantasy books. I'm reading one of her New York bestsellers, Trickster's Queen.

Tamora Pierce has opened a fun filled world with only fantasy lovers. Once you read one her books you will want to read more. When I start reading one of the novels it's really vivid, like I'm in the book with all the cool characters. Pierce has her own website for all of her fans to visit and look at upcoming releases at which has just been updated December 7, 2008. Tamora lives in upstate New York with her husband.

Writing many short stories like ALANNA: THE FIRST ADVENTURE, 1983, IN THE HAND OF THE GODDESS, 1984 and THE WOMAN WHO RIDES LIKE A MAN, 1986. Those are only a few of her books that were written by her. They include princesses, emperors and gods.

rome (Personal Drawing)
rome (Personal Drawing)

Pierce is important to me because she has inspired me to create my own fantasy characters. I would like to show them to people and let them see what I'm capable of doing. The characters that I create are different with many personalities. I've drawn Laruin and raka people and warriors from Trickster's Queen the book.

princess (Personal Drawing)
princess (Personal Drawing)

Tamora Pierce is a very creative and intelligent woman who has entertained me and others for many years. I love how she manages to escape everyday life with her stories. Tamora is a truly my hero.

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