Theodore Roosevelt

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Theodore Roosevelt (Teddy) once said, "Believe you can and you're halfway there." This quote explains how Teddy always had positive and uplifting thoughts. To many people, he is greatly inspirational. Teddy was a politician and a father of six children. Even when he had lots of  "bullets to dodge," like illnesses and being blind in one eye, he always found a way to do what needed to be done.

Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858, in New York City. When he was young, he was homeschooled due to many illnesses. These illnesses made Teddy very weak as a child. Teddy's father encouraged him to work out and overcome his sicknesses and to never back down from a challenge. Teddy went on to become the 26th President of the United States at the age of 42, this made him the youngest person to assume this position. () ()

Theodore Roosevelt was a hero to many because he was very dedicated and courageous. According to the text, Theodore Roosevelt was very determined as a young boy because he didn't let his sick, asthmatic years stop him from doing things kids should be doing, like running around and playing games. He often applied this learned virtue to politics and wars later in his life (King 2013). By the provided evidence, one can understand that Teddy was very motivated to be able to overcome his sicknesses and his asthma. He also learned an amazing characteristic of being able to commit to something. This helped him become the great leader he is most known for. Along with Teddy being dedicated, he is also courageous. The article expresses that Theodore resigned his post as Secretary of the Navy in 1897 to join the Spanish-American War. He then led his cavalry unit known as the "Rough Riders" up San Juan Hill, Havana, in a dangerous charge against Spain in 1898. Thanks to his courage, he achieved great fame (Spurr). This evidence indicates how Roosevelt decided to throw himself into the front lines of the battle for his country, most people would consider that courageous. Considering these details you can understand why Theodore Roosevelt  was both dedicated  and courageous. He was truly a great hero.


 Theodore Roosevelt left many great effects on the nation. He was the first environmentalist to become President; Teddy reserved more than 230 million acres of American wilderness to save nature. He also ended many wars like the Russian-Japanese War, and the Spanish-American War. If he hadn't, who knows how much fighting and violence would still be in the world. () ()

Based on this research, Theodore Roosevelt is an American Hero because of his courage and his determination. Since Theodore had the chance to be president, he definitely was able to help the world be a more peaceful place. Theodore Roosevelt has certainly touched the hearts of many U.S. citizens.

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