Theodore Roosevelt

by Said from San Diego

Theodore Roosevelt, one of the four presidents on Mount Rushmore, is known for conserving natural resources and for his role in world affairs. Theodore Roosevelt is hard working because he was a weak boy that grew up to become the governor of New York and then the president of the United States for two years. Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858 in New York, New York, to a wealthy and prominent family of German decent; Theodore Roosevelt was a scrawny child that had many health problems like severe asthma. Even though he was ill, he was determined to become stronger by following a strict program of physical training. His health eventually improved. As Theodore Roosevelt got older, he was homeschooled but passed the entrance exams for Harvard. He then graduated in 1880 with honors, 21st in a class of 100. Theodore then got married on October 27, 1880. Four years later his wife, Alice gave birth to one daughter also named Alice. Two days after she gave birth, she passed away on the same day as Theodore’s mother. Theodore then got remarried in 1886 and had more children. One of his sons, Quentin, died during World War I. Despite all these tragedies he was the youngest member of the state legislature at 22 years old, governor of New York, general of U.S army in many wars, vice president and also president. He also tried his best to root out corruption and dishonesty from the government. During his presidency he won a Nobel Prize for his efforts of trying to end a war. Theodore Roosevelt also set up many new preserves and national parks (UXL Biographies). Theodore Roosevelt’s efforts as a peacemaker and protector of the environment make him a hero.

By caring for the environment, Theodore Roosevelt has worked hard to conserve and protect natural resources. He also worked to save wildlife. By using his power, he helped the environment by giving forests to national reserves so they would stay safe. According to William H. Harbaugh; “By March 1909, Roosevelt’s audacious use of executive power had resulted in the transfer of 125 million acres to forest reserves.” This shows that he cares for the environment because he spent his time to transfer land to reserves. Since the land has been given to reserves, there can’t be any harm done to it anymore. Roosevelt also helped wildlife reserves, “Sixteen national monuments and 51 wildlife refugees had been established and the number of national parks had been doubled” (Harbaugh). This shows he cares for the environment because he worked to get the number of national parks to double and to create these new wildlife reserves. “Even one of Roosevelt’s bitter enemies, Senator Robert M. Follete wrote; His greatest work was inspiring and actually a beginning for world movement, saving the human race, things on which a peaceful, progressive, and happy life can be founded.” Even one of his enemies has admitted that Theodore Roosevelt has done well by caring for the environment, which is an important thing that most people don’t really do much about. These all prove that Theodore Roosevelt has worked hard to help the environment because he cares for the environment, wildlife and the future of the human race.

Theodore Roosevelt is also kind because he won the Nobel Peace Prize by helping end a war. He has also helped another country build a government and he has done many more things which make him kind. One of the things he did was help Europe and Britain avoid war. “He fostered better relations with Great Britain and also played a role in helping Britain and Europe avoid war in the Moroccan crisis of 1905-1906” (Discovering Biography). This shows that he is caring because he helped countries avoid war and also got people to respect Britain. Roosevelt also won the Nobel Peace Prize for trying to uphold the “Open Door Policy” and ending the Russo-Japanese war. “He spent a great deal of time with Japanese-American relations. For his effort in the peace of Portsmouth, That ended the Russo-Japanese war, he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906” (UXL Biographies). This shows that Theodore Roosevelt is kind because he was helping to end a war and make peace so he won the Nobel Peace Prize for all his effort. Theodore Roosevelt is a hero because he was kind enough to help end a war and help two other countries avoid war.

Theodore Roosevelt’s hard work, kindness, and caring make him a hero for all he has done, from protecting the environment and wildlife to trying making peace in the world. Theodore Roosevelt is an inspiration because he worked hard to do all these good things that we should all do, make peace, and protect the environment. Theodore Roosevelt will be remembered for all his effort and hard work for a long time, through Mount Rushmore.

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