Theodore Roosevelt

by Nicholas from Arcadia

Theodore Roosevelt is a true hero. I recently have learned about his life, heroic deeds and have had some thoughts that have really made my brain work. You will enjoy learning about my hero.

Theodore Roosevelt had an adventurous life. He loved and treated nature well. He built wilderness parks. Teddy was born on October 27, 1858. Roosevelt had his own animal museum.

There are many heroic deeds that Mr. Roosevelt has accomplished. Roosevelt treated birds or any other animals the way he treated us humans. Roosevelt loved nature. He built a way to protect the world.

Learning about Theodore Roosevelt has made me think. Mr. Roosevelt was kind for a near-sighted person with asthma. Roosevelt was good at school which makes me want to be like him. And being good at school must make him a good president. That’s what made him a good person.

A great hero to know about is Theodore Roosevelt. His life and heroic deeds have provoked some great thoughts in me. He is my hero.

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