Theodore Roosevelt

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Theodore Roosevelt was the first president to own a car, fly a plane, & submerge a submarine. During Roosevelt's presidency, he; awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, became a presidential conservationist, improved the US Navy's strength. Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858 in New York City, New York. Roosevelt was a post-graduate Harvard student. After graduating, Roosevelt entered politics. Roosevelt married Alice Hathaway Lee. Roosevelt lost of his wife and mother in 1882. For the next two years, Roosevelt lived in the Dakota Territory. During a trip, Roosevelt married his second wife, Edith Kermit Carow in London, 1886. Roosevelt became the Vice President for President William McKinley in 1900. After President McKinley was killed, Roosevelt took office from 1901-1909. Theodore Roosevelt's grave can be found in the Young's Memorial Cemetery in New York. Theodore Roosevelt had achieved many accomplishments during his life. Roosevelt accomplished many difficult tasks using his leadership, determination, & his sense of community to make America better for the future.

Roosevelt's leadership helped insure the safety of America's future. As police commissioner of New York, Theodore Roosevelt dedicated his time to reform the corrupted police force. "As he prowled the nightly streets, Commissioner Roosevelt became a familiar & feared sight" (Theodore Roosevelt, Biography in Context). Roosevelt was appointed as New York Police Commissioner of the Police Force by Mayor William Strong. As Commissioner, he was assigned to remove the corruption in the police force. Theodore Roosevelt served as commissioner for two years, & reformed the police force. During his presidency, Roosevelt demonstrated how important it is to help the people before yourself. "Roosevelt suggested a variety of reforms & new policies... including income tax, national inheritance tax, federal eight-hour work workdays, workers' compensation, child labor statues, etc,." (Theodore Roosevelt, Biography in Context). In 1902, Roosevelt intervened during a strike, to protect consumers from freezing in cold homes, schools, and hospitals. Roosevelt intervention in the anthracite coal strike exemplified that labor-management affairs were of public interests. Roosevelt's leadership helped reform the New York police force & the American lifestyle for the better.

A family photo of the Roosevelt family ( ())
A family photo of the Roosevelt family ( ())

Through determination, Theodore Roosevelt was able to assist the American government into a strong position. Theodore Roosevelt was known for his lawsuits against major corporations, which he believed were destabilizing the economy. "Roosevelt delivered scathing attacks on major business for corrupting the economy" (Theodore Roosevelt, Roosevelt earned the nickname, the "trustbuster" for "busting" corporations for monopolizing industries, which he felt was messing up the economy. Roosevelt regulated actions of the businesses by filing lawsuits against them testifying that they were disrupting the stability of the economy. Roosevelt foreign policy was, "speak softly & carry a big stick; you will go far." "President Roosevelt offered his good offices as mediator between Russia and Japan, negotiate on the conditions of peace" (Theodore Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt believed that involving the US in international affairs would strengthen it. Roosevelt's foreign policies strengthened relationships with Japan & Great Britain and kept European powers from Latin America. Theodore Roosevelt's determination helped shape the society and government of today.

Theodore Roosevelt Waving ( ())
Theodore Roosevelt Waving ( ())

Theodore Roosevelt's sense of community ensured that America preserved its environment. Theodore Roosevelt had the government replace resource businesses, and take control of natural resources, saving 200 million acres of nature as national parks. "His administration championed conservation through policies of "rational use" designed to ensure national resources would be available for future generations' uses" (Theodore Roosevelt, Biography in Context). Through the National Monuments Act of 1906, Roosevelt was able to save places such as the Grand Canyon and countless other natural monuments. Roosevelt's administration also took control of waterways, waterpower sites, oil, coal deposits, etc., and placed them in public domain. To support the Interstate Commerce Commission, Roosevelt supported several acts to give the government the power to regulate railroads, food, and drugs. "The passage of the Hepburn Act gave the government power to regulate interstate railroad...the Pure Food and Drug Act & the Meat Inspection Act, both forerunners of today's consumers protection legislation" (Theodore Roosevelt, Congress passed the Hepburn Act, which allowed the ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission) to regulate the American railroads. Congressed also passed the Pure Food and Drug Act & the Meat Inspection Act, which allowed the government to regulate the safety of consuming food products in America. Roosevelt used his executive powers & his sense of community to preserve national resources & make consumables clean.

With his leadership, determination, and sense of community, Theodore Roosevelt helped better the America of the time. Roosevelt displayed his leadership by suggesting a variety of reforms and new policies as the United States President. Roosevelt displayed his determination through lawsuits against businesses destabilizing the economy. Roosevelt lastly displayed his sense of community through supporting acts to allow the government to regulate railroads, clean food, and clean drinking water. As Theodore Roosevelt had once explained, "It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed." Through assisting American businesses, conservation of natural resources, and successful foreign relations, Theodore Roosevelt inspires many by telling them if you try to succeed, you will go far, but if you never try, it's impossible to succeed. No matter what was in his way, Theodore Roosevelt would always find ways to succeed. Theodore Roosevelt maybe remembered by some as only the 26th President of the United States, but to some he will be remembered as the man who helped shaped the modern society we live in today with leadership, determination, and his sense of community.


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