Theodore Roosevelt

by Josh from Grand Rapids

"The worst of all fears is the fear of living."

Theodore Roosevelt JR was born on October 27th, 1858, In New York City. His father Theodore Roosevelt was head of the C.V.S, a business owned by Theodore Roosevelt’s grandfather. This company imported glass firm, hardware, traded stocks, and served as a bank director. They were very wealthy. His father also helped homeless children (otherwise known as “Street rats”) by giving them food and providing shelter. Theodore Roosevelt Sr, his father, was his idol. Theodore’s mother Martha Bullock, also nicknamed Mittie, was one of the great beauties of her day. Her eldest son Theodore loved her but did not consider her strong willed and decisive as he admired in his adored father. Theodore also had three siblings Elliot, Corinne, and Anna.

TR at Yosemite (
TR at Yosemite (

Theodore went to Harvard College. While he was there his father died on February 9th 1878. He met Alice Lee; fell in love on their dates when they went ice-skating. Finally, after three marriage proposals she accepted. Sadly, when Alice gave birth to Alice she died. He soon met a childhood friend Edith Lee; they still had feelings for each other. They married Dec. 2 1886, years later Theodore JR. was born. On May 8th, 1895 Theodore took the job as commissioner of police. During his term as commissioner he had enforced the law that no expected he would. But he left this job behind and then went on to politics.

Theodore’s first battle in war was June 22, 1890. During one fight in war he did something so heroic he almost won the Medal of Honor, by leading the Rough Riders. Theodore led the Rough Riders up San Juan Hill on July 1898, near Santiago de Cuba, Republic of Cuba. Teddy not caring about his personal safety led his men to victory. He then flew back home and started to go back into politics. He was running vice president for McKinley. But shortly after that, McKinley was assassinated! Theodore was now running for president, and sure enough he was elected president.

During his time of president he accomplished many things, such as bringing business for jobs, and he started construction on the Panama Canal. He also stopped a war between Japan and Russia, and doing so earned Nobel Peace Prize, and gave the prize money to charity. Theodore also proclaimed 18 national monuments and 5 national parks, including the Yellowstone National Park. Theodore also created a list of what was being put into people’s food. Theodore’s term came to an end. Another president came into office, President Taft. Theodore Roosevelt ran again in 1912. One night when he was going to make a speech there was an assassin's attempt to kill Teddy. But the bullet was slowed down by a 50-page report and his spectacle case. He was just shocked and pale; even though he made his speech and people felt badly for him he did not win the election. The doctor inspected the wound; Teddy would have to keep that bullet in his body until the day he died. Theodore Roosevelt died from blood clots on January 6th 1919.

Theodore Roosevelt went through a lot of struggles through life. His adored father died when he was in college during 1878. His mother died after a few days after his first wife died. Also as a child Theodore had terrible asthma attacks. His father would walk down hallways with him for hours. It was also hard being president.

White House Roosevelt  (
White House Roosevelt (

I admire the things he did for our country. Bringing business for jobs, he started construction on the Panama Canal. He also stopped a war between Japan and Russia, and doing so earned a Nobel Peace Prize and gave the prize money to charity. Theodore also established 5 national parks including the Yellowstone National Park and 18 national monuments. Theodore also created a list of what was being put into people’s food.

I think Theodore Roosevelt was one of our greatest presidents. He did a lot for our country. The lesson I learned from Teddy is to never give and keep trying.

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