Theodore Roosevelt

by Brian from New York

Theodore Roosevelt was the leader of the Rough Riders, a group who fought in Cuba against the Mexicans during the Spanish-American War. He also helped build the Panama Canal when others would not. He was a very good police officer in New York, and he helped put many criminals in jail. Theodore was a vice president long before he became president. He believed in helping people pursue excellence to the fullest extent. Theodore Roosevelt wasn’t president of the U.S. for long. As you can see Theodore was a hero because of the many things he did for America.

In Theodore’s life he had a fine early life. He was near–sighted, and he was also very wealthy. His dad was a famous glass importer. The Civil War began 2 years after Theodore was born. He grew up with 5 brothers and sisters including him. As you can see Theodore had a fine life growing up.

Theodore Roosevelt had some obstacles in his life. He had very bad asthma when he was a child, so he couldn’t do many athletic things. He loved to hunt, but when he went blind in an eye he couldn’t do much hunting. Theodore was very undernourished, so when he wanted to play football in college they wouldn’t let him. So as you can see he had many pros and cons in his life but he overcame them all.

Theodore had countless jobs and contributions. One job he had was being a U.S. Civil service commissioner. Another job he had was being a commander of the Rough Riders. He promoted conservation, which means he helped protect wildlife so that people couldn’t construct over it. This shows he gave many contributions in his life.

Theodore Roosevelt had honors, awards, and recognitions in his lifetime. Theodore was so good at hunting that he got invited to Africa to go hunting. Theodore was made the commander of the Rough Riders when the other commander was shot by the enemy. He helped the regular regiments which are British military units when they were under heavy fire at San Juan, Santiago. Roosevelt did not get many awards, but there are several awards given in his honor.

Theodore Roosevelt was such a magnificent man that they made several awards. Some of the awards are the Rough Riders and the Teddy Roosevelt award. The Rough Riders award or the R.R. award is given to a person in North Dakota by the governor. The Teddy Roosevelt or the T.R. award is an award that goes to a college athlete who is competitive and cares about their well-being. This shows that Theodore Roosevelt was a magnificent man.

Theodore Roosevelt had many traits such as being intelligent, pleasant, and courageous. Theodore showed he was intelligent by creating blueprints for naval ships. Another way he showed he was intelligent was by making army tactics. He was also an A+ student in school. Theodore was a pleasant man because he always had a pleasant attitude towards others no matter what. Another way he was pleasant is he always helped people pursue their dreams. He was also pleasant because he always loved animals. Another trait Theodore had his he is very courageous. He was courageous because when he got shot during a speech he wanted to keep going on. Another way he was courageous was he lead the Rough Riders through the battle at San Juan, Costa Rica. This proves that Theodore Roosevelt had many great traits.

In conclusion Theodore Roosevelt was a very great man because he did many great things such as promoting conservation to wildlife.

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