Theodore Roosevelt

by Marissa

Think of the world without plants and nature. That would be how the world would look without Theodore Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt saved the wildlife in the U.S. and that's why I think of him as a hero. Theodore lived from 1858 to 1919. He was born in New York City on October 27th.

Theodore's accomplishments and obstacles: One big accomplishment Theodore did was he fought as a colonel in the Spanish-American War. He accomplished being in the Spanish-American War and fighting for his country in the war. Another accomplishment was that when Theodore was president he created 150 national forests, 55 bird reserves, 5 national parks, and 18 national monuments. The last accomplishment was that when he was a president he made a natural history museum for the children hoping that the children would learn from the natural history museum. The obstacle that Theodore had to overcome was that he had asthma as a child. Still he had overcome his obstacle and became one of our greatest presidents.

Theodore's traits: The traits I thought Theodore had were courage, dedication, and loyalty. I thought Theodore had courage because Theodore was in the Spanish-American war. He had courage to be in the war. I thought Theodore was dedicated because Theodore was dedicated to save the wildlife in the U.S. Theodore was so dedicated to save the animals from becoming extinct that he made a law that you cannot kill endangered animals. People broke that law but that didn't stop Theodore. Lastly, I thought Theodore had loyalty because he was a president. As a president he needed to be loyal to all the citizens by doing good work for them.

In conclusion, I thought Theodore was a great hero because without Theodore, the world would not be full of colors and animals like it is today. Theodore saved the wildlife here in the U.S. He saved many endangered animals from extinction. Theodore was a wonderful conservation president. That was why I thought Theodore Roosevelt was my hero.

An old picture of president Theodore Roosevelt (google ())
An old picture of president Theodore Roosevelt (google ())

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