Teddy Roosevelt

by Josh from Suwanee

"With self-discipline most anything is possible." This is what Theodore Roosevelt thought throughout his life. Teddy Roosevelt was considered many things such as an American statesman, author, explorer, soldier, naturalist, and a reformer who served as president. Teddy Roosevelt was a hero to many because he thought of others, he was a voluntary soldier, and he introduced the Square Deal which focused on conservation. These are just the beginning reasons why Theodore was one of our great heroes.

When Teddy was young he had to be home schooled because he had asthma. He later lost his father to cancer. These are the biggest reasons why Theodore was so selfless, because he didn't want anybody else to lose someone or be told what they could or couldn't do.

Teddy on his Rough Riders Horse ( ())
Teddy on his Rough Riders Horse ( ())

Theodore Roosevelt is a hero to many due to his selflessness and dedication to find solutions to problems. During his presidency people started to notice that they needed to start to protect the environment, and that is one of the main things Teddy's Square Deal targeted. When Theodore Roosevelt was president he managed to get Panama to rebel against the government, and helped them in the war so that he could build the Panama Canal (Theodore Roosevelt Biography). These facts show how Theodore was a hero with determination. Once he got an idea he was fixed on doing anything to make it come through. Also, the text states that "Theodore Roosevelt got a voluntary cavalry called the Rough Riders"(Theodore Roosevelt Biography). This citation shows how Teddy Roosevelt was a selfless hero by by putting his life on the line and entering the military cavalry for his country. These are few reasons why Theodore Roosevelt is a hero.

One of the parks Theodore founded ( ())
One of the parks Theodore founded ( ())

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