Tupac Shakur

by Nazrel from Kuala Lumpur

Heroes may come in many different shapes and sizes. There are some heroes who sacrifice things to create a better world, a hero who donates for the people who are less fortunate or even a hero who changed the world through their music. Despite the difference they may have, they all share the same thing. They influence and change the lives around them. Tupac inspires me in life because he was a born a leader and sings about what problems people face and shows them the answer. Tupac once said "I think I'm a natural-born leader. I know how to bow down to authority if it's authority that I respect." Tupac Shakur was a hero to most people because unlike most rappers he was not selfish and stood up to what he believed in and another thing about Tupac is that he contributed to charity and was a very brave, tenacious and an admirable person who raps about issues that people can relate to.

Tupac helped out in the community in several different ways. He was not a selfish person and did whatever he could to help the people in need. As Tupac Shakur once said, "I don't see myself being special; I just see myself having more responsibilities than the next man. People look to me to do things for them, to have answers." Tupac had once received a letter from a dying boy's parents and they said that Joshua's last desire was to meet Tupac. Tupac immediately flew to Maryland to see Joshua. After Joshua's death Tupac decided to change his publishing company name from "Ghetto Gospel Music" to "Joshua's Dream". He also helped other different artists become famous and helped them produce their music. Before his death he contributed to a charity that helps raise money to keep away violence from children. After his death there was a foundation with his name called TASF ( Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation ), which helps students.

Tupac always rapped about what was on his mind and talked about what he believed in or what he thought was right. For example, he would rap about poverty, social injustice and how the police can be too violent at times. He talked about how he grew up and what he had faced when he was young. He represented all the kids who had empty stomachs and do not have enough food to survive. Tupac faced a lot of problems and suffering and said "I give thanks to God for putting me where I am today, and what I went through, because it only makes me stronger." To me this is one of the great things that makes him a hero to a lot of people.

The reason he is greatly respected by many people is because Tupac makes music that a lot of people can relate too. It is good to have a song you can relate to, like when you are going through a certain situation in life. Whether you're depressed or upset Tupac makes you realize that your not alone and that everyone has a choice in life. He is a complete artist and like a real poet. Tupac puts in a lot of passion in his work and creates his albums in just a couple of weeks. He does not work on things for too long and he does his songs and verses very fast.

Tupac was a brave strong man and was one of the most successful MCs. Even after his death, he sold 67 million records around the world making him one of the highest selling artists. Tupac faced a few problems while growing up but that didn't stop him, he said, "all I'm trying to do is survive and make good out of the dirty, nasty, unbelievable lifestyle that they gave me." A hero is someone who overcomes their fear and makes sacrifices for what they believe in. Not only that but a hero is someone who people look up to and the person who I think fits this picture perfectly is Tupac Shakur. Some people see him as a hero because he stood up for his people. He was a person who stood up for everything that was good. He was one of the few rappers who did something about the society. If you listen to his songs "Keep ya head up" or "All eyes on me", He changed a lot of things from to their hood, to racism, to abuse. He rapped about whatever he thought was wrong. He talked about things from his own experiences and told us what to do. He is truly a hero to a wide variety of people in the world.

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Extra Info


When I was asked who my hero was I wasn't quite sure who it would be but then I thought again, my life revolves around music and there was one person who had changed part of it. That man was Tupac Shakur. He wasn't just another singer he rapped about whatever was on his mind which made him a unique person, not only that but he would also rap about things that he though was right for example poverty, social injustice and how the police can be too violent at times. He was also a hero because he represented all the kids who were homeless and donated his money for charity. These are the reasons why he is considered a hero to me and most people around the world.

My audience are all the people who enjoy listening to music. In my opinion I think that people would be interested in knowing who had changed rap music to be as it is today.I did not write too formal or too informal because my work is for people around all ages. I also chose not to make my work too detailed and chose only to put bits I thought were important. Basically my essay is for people of all ages therefore my essay must not be too difficult for them.

My purpose of writing is to educate others about music and how it has changed to be how it is today. In my writing I wrote how and why music had changed because of Tupac. In my essay I said "he would rap about poverty, social injustice and how the police can be too violent at times. He talked about how he grew up and what he had faced when he was young. He represented all the kids who had empty stomachs and do not have enough food to survive." I showed here that he did not just rapped about random things, he rapped about what he thought was right and represented kids. He tried to change the world through music and that how music started to change.

Searching for good sources was the hardest task when I started my essay because there were not many sources about my hero Tupac Shakur. I only managed to find just a few academic sources and whenever I found a website I would see if it was reliable or not, for example checking who had wrote the article. I would also check the date it was posted and take a look at the link to see of it was and organisation or just a regular website. I did not skim read my sources because since I was limited on the information I have, I had to read carefully. I did not only just use text I decided that it would be better if I had a variety of media in my sources and used Youtube to fully understand my hero's lifestyle and background. When I look at a source I ask myself a few questions. Is it a reliable source? Does this relate to my thesis statement? When did this happen? Questions like that. Once I have confirmed the source reliable and it is related to my thesis statement I added in the piece of information.

Before I started writing I did a lot of research and then I put all the reliable information into a mind-map and separated all the information I had gathered. Then I created a thesis statement and took all the information related to my thesis statement. When I had finished my writing I had a lot of my friends read it and give me feedback. I used all the feedback to improve my essay. Now that my essay is complete I feel that I have gained a lot of skills and experience to make an even better one. From learning how to choose the right sources to choosing relevant information to put in my essay I think that I have learned a lot while doing this essay and hope that I can use it for my next one. These skills will prepare me for when I am assigned with this task again.