Tupac Shakur

by Dario Ramirez from Fresno, CA

This story is going to be about a hero that I found out lives by a code named THUG LIFE. He wasn't scared of anybody that's why he is my hero. He was born in June 16 1971. One of the things that I liked about Tupac is that he grew up in the ghetto and he showed us that if you just push yourself you can mostly do anything. He said that you can grow up anywhere and you can become famous, you just have to push yourself further in life for you can achieve your goals.Even though he passed away he is in all of our hearts that listen to his music. He did something to us for we can remember him no matter what. For that reason i am writing about him in my hero project.

After people found out about his skills about rapping they just knew he was gonna be big. He started at young age in the 1990s he started rapping then later on he began doing soundtracks which was like a year after he started doing entertainment. Then a couple of months later he was practicing and getting better and as soon after that he released his first solo album which made it in one of the top ten hits. He came out in one of MTV's greatest hits which was listed as a "certified classic" album which was big since he didn't start that long ago that why he was considered the legend of rap.

In 1993 he sent out a second studio album which made it in number 24 on the Billboard of 200. It is more famous than the other procedures than it thought it would. One of the main songs was "KEEP YOUR HEAD UP" and "I GET AROUND" And then later on him and some friends made an album called THUG LIFE: volume one which according to the studio went gold. In 1995 while he was in prison he was the first to release an album that made it number one in prison which meant it was number one in the 200 billboard. Tupac was so great that he made so many albums that were making it number one in such a little time. In September 1996 it was a tragic year because that was the year that TUPAC SHAKUR died. He was shot after inviting a couple of girls to the club. He got shot multiple times, he was dead in the hospital after his mother told the doctors to stop trying to revive Tupac so he was announced dead at 4:03 PM. The way they said he died was internal bleeding. Even though Tupac passed away he will still be in the heart of his beloved fans because he might be dead but he was one of the best rappers out there. Also he might be gone but never forgotten.

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